Kangen Water

Hydration and Wellness

Staying hydrated is critical to your health. That is why it is recommended to drink eight glasses of water each day. At Dakota Institute of Trauma Therapy, we recognize the fact that mental health is often tied to one's over-all health and wellness. We offer to our clients the benefits of Kangen water.

What is Kangen Water?

Kangen water is an alkaline antioxidant water with a negative ORP that has micro-clustered molecules and a high alkaline pH along with the purification of many of the harmful toxins in our tap or well water. Negative ORP stands for negative oxidation reduction potential. It is what gives Kangen water its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory component. Micro-clustering allows the body to improve its ability to use the water effectively for faster internal re-hydration. The higher alkaline pH allows the body to metabolize and break down all the acid by-products of cell respiration.
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Benefits Of Kangen Water